Monday, January 2, 2012

Media Bias in the Age of Obama

     This is a brand new blog with a specific purpose for this election year.  It has become evident that objective journalism is dead in this, the post modern era.  It's really no surprise, but what has become a surprise is that the mainstream media has given up even trying to to show any objectivity at all.  The "press" in this nation has been given an awesome privilege and with that privilege, and incredible responsibility.  It truly is a shame that this freedom is squandered.

     The name of this blog captures the state of journalism in the 21st century.  We know, because we've witnessed it, that the media elites are more than willing to carry the water for any and all "progressive" candidates and agendas, so there will be an effort, by independent bloggers/citizen journalists on this site to expose, highlight and yes, ridicule our media "betters".

     There are many great writers out there on the web. the hope is that some of these diamonds in the rough will contribute something to this blog from time to time.